The superior ticketing agents:

Our company is IATA certified and work with  major Airlines   operating from  Ethiopia. The major airlines that we  are  working  with include Ethiopian, Emirates, Dubai, Turkish ,Kenyan , Egyptian and Lufthansa.

We have a  highly trained and well-mannered working staff ready handling enquiries from our esteemed clients on 24/7 basis . They serve with maximum precision in providing travel information.  We are expanding our sales   by closely working with corporate companies, Associations, Ethiopian diaspora and the   Shareholders of the company.

We have    credit scheme   for our corporate clients and associations. Our premium customers including group travelers  and  incoming regular clients are made to enjoy special    discounted rate  on both domestic and International flight  tickets.  The first   Pagumen   2021   annual awarding   scheme   will star at the closing date of the year 2021 that  is designed  to create a special occasion  to meet with our clients . The awardee of  Pagumen annual award will be nominated  and selected with the major criteria being   volume of purchase  which  has to surpass the  expected limit set by our  company.

We are best at facilitating   honeymoon and other forms of vacation packages  to different destinations in Africa, Asia  and middle east  that  gives our clients  a life time experience and memory of their trips.  We closely work with government institutions and assist  the Ethiopian diaspora   in arranging tour packages with precision and  inclusive of domestic flights and accommodation.

Please call on +251942010203 for further information

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