Company Background

Pagumen is the name given to the last month of Ethiopia’s Calendar which is next to the month of August. It is the 13th month that marks the beginning of the new Ethiopian Year. The month Pagumen is considered as a unique month indicative of shinning tomorrow, time of declaring promises and hoping for illuminating future far beyond the horizon of time. Furthermore, it is what makes Ethiopia unique in the world generously making every visitor 7 years younger than his/her age. Our company has proudly picked up the name Pagumen aspiring to be a pioneering actor uniquely planting a new seed of change and illuminating hope in the future of the Ethiopia’s tourism industry. Our company has also chosen the name as an expression of respect for age long traditions and societal values without which Ethiopia’s tourism meant nothing. It was established in September 2016 by a group of innovative entrepreneurs who determined to make a difference in the service Industry. The objectives behind its establishment are to provide a World class service in the sector, explore and market exotic attractions obscured because of less visibility and ultimately justify the renaissance of Ethiopia’s tourism sector to the global community


To be among the 5 leading companies in the hospitality industry of eastern Africa in 2025.


Offer world class services in tour operation, Car rent, Event management, travel arrangement and guidance enriching with innovative ideas at a competitive price.

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