It was not a long journey. It is just three years. Pagumen 3, 2012/September 8,2020 / is the third birth day of Pagumen Tour and Travel S.C.

In all these years we tried to shift from doing things as usual to doing things unusually.  We always search for exotic values that we add to our packages and enhance the experience of our clients. The last two years have shown us that how we can successfully compete in the travel market and be chosen by our clients.

Covid 19 is a global challenge that is highly affecting the global tourism Industry. We are not different. But we still celebrate our anniversary with a strong spirit  and hope. Resilience may not be easy. But we still look forward as the better days are not far. We are still with the same energy and valor.  

We strongly believe that the travel world may not be as it used to be in the past. With better understanding of the future, we have been working hard for the past eight months to be able to get ready with   new Ideas and provisions that we feel can quench the travel appetite of our esteemed clients. No matter what, we believe that travel remains to be one of the necessities that travelers cannot afford to miss. The safe start of tourism is possible taking actions that builds up the confidence of our clients. We have put in place all safety procedures, aligning with UNWTO cautionary messages and safety protocols of the national tourism Authority of Ethiopia.   

We, the staff of Pagumen are looking at the rising beautiful sun on the horizon of the Ethiopian new Year, heralding the extent of our readiness and beaconing our welcoming hands to the travel world.

Stay safe and travel safe!

Happy Ethiopian New Year!

Pagumen Management and Staff        



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