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This exciting tour is designed to unveil Ethiopia’s natural, cultural, historical sites with a chance to also see some wild life. Ethiopia’s history goes back over 3000 years and in all those years, each generation has been placing its own finger print in the major cities.

The historical attractions on the tour covers Addis Ababa, being home for United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Union (AU), it is referred to as the political “capital of Africa”; the regional capital of Amhara- “Bahir dar”, the UNSECO registered natural Bio-Sphere “Lake Tana” and the “Blue Nile Falls”;   Gondar the Camelot of Africa, with its magnificent castles and palaces;  the ancient town of Axum, with its amazing carved obelisks and ancient civilization, including the original Ark of the Covenant made by the hands of Moses; Lalibela known as one of the wonders of the world with its remarkable rock-hewn churches.

The natural attractions on the tour will include the exhilarating rooftops of the Simien Mountains National Park known for its vivid landscape and spectacular scenery; explore the wildlife of Lake Chamo in Arba Minch which translated from Amharic means the “40 springs”, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Rift Valley and the Omo River through the Omo valley where guests will experience the culture and lifestyle of the different southern tribes of Ethiopia which are dominated by ethnic groups that speak the “Omotic language” as classified by linguistics.

In this route the Axum steles, the Lalibela churches, the castles of Gondar, Lake Tana- natural Bio-Sphere, the Siemen Mountains National Park, the Konso and Omo Valley are all registered by UNESCO as heritage sites.

  • Very easy tour, built for everyone without Age limit or Gender issues. Trekking (does not need special fitness) but needs comfortable trekking shoes.
  • Most of the sites in this tour are religious or cultural legacies, so it is advised to follow the instruction of your escort and local guide and remain respectful to the local beliefs at all destinations for example:
    • For the historic part prepare a shawl or a ‘netela’ (as locals call it), when visiting churches.
    • Taking photographs in the cultural villages and of the different tribes will be subject to a mandatory photography fee.
    • As churches have separate entrance for male and female, ask the guide for proper direction before exploring each.
  • Be responsible traveler for the environment, for example do not litter! Use available garbage disposals to dump your personal waste etc.


Tips for personal preparation:

  • Sun glasses, binocular, sun creams, comfortable trekking boots for walking, headlamps and small torches, light closes and shorts during day time, Head gear such as hat/cap for sun protection and aspirin – in case of altitude sickness and the likes can improve the quality of your outdoor experience.


Day 1

Addis Ababa

Guests will arrive in Addis Ababa, where they will be welcomed and transferred to their hotel by a Pagumen tour and travel representative. Depending on arrival time a City tour of Addis Ababa will be arranged. Addis Ababa being the center of the country’s Economic, social and political activity has a lot of traditional and modern city life to offer Pagumen guests. On this day the city tour of Addis Ababa will cover the National museum: home for the oldest and famous hominid fossil of ‘Lucy’, Mount Entoto for the scenic view of Addis Ababa the Trinity cathedral church. Also known in Amharic as Kidist Selassie, the Trinity Church is the highest ranking Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Cathedral in Addis Ababa. It was built to commemorate Ethiopia's liberation from Italian occupation and is an important place of worship and ceremonial events in Addis Ababa, and Merkato, (also the city center and recognized as one of East Africa’s largest and vibrant market places). Overnight Addis Ababa

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