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Coffee is among the most loved and consumed products around the global community, grabbing the souls and minds of its users, with its’ robust aroma and taste. Currently the most popular countries known for coffee production are Ethiopia (being the oldest), Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and most recently Vietnam and Indonesia are joining the market.

World class research shows that coffee originated in the southern part of Ethiopia, where the birth places of coffee are officially acknowledged as Mankira and Choche.

The origin of coffee in Ethiopia dates back between the 10th and 11th century, where an Ethiopian goat shepherd called Kaldis saw his goats feeding on red cherry coffee beans, consequently whenever they eat the cherries, their energy level will increase and they would jump around with extra energy. Out of curiosity, Kaldis tried it himself and shared his experience with monks in the nearby monastery, shortly the good news about the coffee bean spread all over the world through the Arab trade circles.

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