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These sites found south of Addis Ababa to the Arbaminch crossing Awash River and Great Rift Valley. Enjoying the scenery and life style of the locals also the part of the tour.

  • Very easy tour, built for everyone without Age limit or Gender issues.
  • The sites in this tour are religious, natural and cultural legacies, so it is advised to follow the instruction of your escort and local guide and remain respectful to the local beliefs at all destinations for example:
    • Prepare a shawl or a ‘netela’ (as locals call it), when visiting churches.
    • Taking photographs and video church will be subject to a mandatory photography fee.
    • As churches have separate entrance for male and female, ask the guide for proper direction before exploring each.


  • Be responsible traveler for the environment, for example do not litter, use available garbage disposals to dump your personal waste etc.

Tips for personal preparation:

  • Sun glasses, sun creams, comfortabletrekking boots for walking, light closes during day time, Head gear such as hat/cap for sun protection and aspirin – in case of altitude sickness and the likes can improve the quality of your outdoor experience.


Full Day


Melka-Kunture is a famous archaeological site, situated at 50km south-west of Addis Ababa. It is place where fossils of prehistory age as well as stone tools dating 1.5 million years have been discovered. Few km drives this point can reach at Adadi Mariam Cave Church believed to date back to the 13th century and give a good indication of the Lalibela rock-hewn churches of the 12th century. Tiya is best known for its archeological site in the Sodo region, 92KM south of Addis Ababa, which is distinguished by 36 standing stones or steles, "32 of which are engraved with enigmatic symbols, notably swords,” marks a large, prehistoric burial complex.

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