Ethiopia is an ancient land accurately described as the ‘Land of Origins’, expressed in   varieties of tangible evidences. It is truly a land of mystery and a hidden secret with extraordinary history, culture and nature live seen in the remains of its ancient civilization.

In contrast to other African countries Ethiopia has a sophisticated written history going back nearly three millennia. It has never been colonized and consequently, distinguishes herself by being a beacon for African freedom and independence. Her independence has relatively made her preserve its age long cultural and natural heritages.

Ethiopia hosts Africa’s few of the top UNESCO registered world cultural and natural heritages which have put her at a leading position at the continent level.  These include five biosphere zones, 23 tangible and four intangible heritages.

Ethiopia shares Sabian alphabets with the new nation Eritrea. Long before this she remained the only nation in Africa to use its own unique and indigenous alphabets that makes her rich in indigenous literature and able to preserve its literary heritages.

Ethiopia is land of deep spirituality, frequently mentioned in both the holy Bible and holy Quran It is one of the oldest nations in sub Saharan Africa hosting    Christian community with most ancient practices. Before Islam was introduced to other parts of the Arab world, Ethiopia was the first country to well come Islam on the soil of Africa and has got the earliest Islamic settlement called “al Nejashi” found in the northern part of the country.  Judaism has also been practiced by the “ falashas” black Jews of Ethiopia  and has still communities that practices the ancient form of Judaism. Ethiopia has kept the original Holly Arc of the covenant made by the hands of prophet Mosses and is located in the Ancient City of Axum. . It is the source of the Biblical “Ghion”, the great Blue Nile River. There are also many local beliefs that peacefully coexist with the major world religions.

Ethiopia is gifted with amazing geographical feature where 85% of Africa’s altitude above 3000 meters is found. It is ‘Land of Diversity’, and has different climatic zones due to varying altitude ranging from 114 meters below the surface of the earth to   4623 m above sea level. It grows   distinctive flora and fauna and is richly endowed with enormous opportunities for eco -tourism and Geo-tourism.

The Ethiopian part of the great rift valley is an open museum for the collections of ancient fossils. The fossil of Lucy, locally called ‘Dinkinesh’ meaning that you are Miracle, asserts this concrete truth about it and those other discoveries connected with human prehistory. The discovers of the remains of Australopithecus Afferences (Lucy) and many other findings on the origin of human being   show the complete picture of the origin of human being and his evolutionary process both in time and place. These findings up hold Ethiopia as a place for a complete and scientifically proven exhibits of   the human evolution and other species as well.

In the Ethiopian part of great rift system are found “Dallol” and “Erale”. These are part of the deepest places ever found on the surface of the earth exhibiting dramatic landscapes. The “Dallol “is the part of the Danakil depression exemplifying landscapes in the other solar system. It is a lunar type landscape with colorful minerals bubbling out of the thinnest surface of the earth. Theis is the area where geology and hydrology play significant role in creating live seismic activities. In the same locality there is “Ertale” where live volcanic activities are seen within few meters range, a shimmering lake of lava illuminating the night in the desert.

There are also sites of interest from Megalithic and paleolithic perspectives, with rich traces of early human cultures including cave paintings and evidence of stone age tools. Ethiopia is a kept secret of Africa and “land of Origins”. It is a birth place of coffee and has got a unique traditional coffee ceremony, musical heritages, cuisines, and other indigenous ancient traditions. 

Ethiopia is “Land of origins”, and the kept secrets of exotic Africa